Thursday, November 21, 2013

Windows Server 2012 - Print Management: Part 3 - deploying printers with Group Policy Preferences

After deploying printers with what I'll call "simple Group Policy", on a per user or per machine basis, I wanted to see what Group Policy Preferences could offer.
Group Policy Preferences (I'll abbreviate with "GPP") were introduced with Windows Server 2008 and still exist in Windows 2012. Compared to "simple Group Policy" they extend the options for configuration of computer and user settings.
In theory, GPP can deploy printers.
In fact, I found that it simply does not work.
First, I'll outline the steps used to configure printer deployment via GPP.
Second, I'll present the error messages.
Here are the computers involved:                                                                 
- The domain controller is a Windows 2012 server
- The printer server, also Windows 2012
- Test machine running Windows 7, SP1

All machines are 64 bit.
Note: please keep in mind that printer deployment worked just fine using "simple Group Policy" - please see my previous posts on this subject).

Configuration of printer deployment via Group Policy Preferences

1. Printer Processor settings

Some recommend that the print processor  is set for "winprint" and "RAW".

As shown below, these were the default settings on the printer.

Note: yes, we configure this in the properties of the printer itself, not in the Group Policy.

2. Printer preferences

Create a new GPO (I'll name mine GPP-PRINT) and go to Computer Configuration | Preferences | Control Panel Settings | Printers

Note: here we are (back) on  the domain controller - or accessing the domain controller remotely.

3. Creating a printer

We need to right-click on the printer icon and select "New" and then "TCP/IP Printer".

4. We then enter the information for the printer.

Sources I found said to enter the IP address of the printer (not the print server). Because of problems encountered later on, I tried both IP addresses, but without success. Here (below) I have the IP address of the printer itself:

5.  I disable "Point and Print Restrictions"

6. I link "GPP-PRINT" to the OU containing the test computer (PC1).

7. On PC1, I reboot, I try gpupdate /force". The RSOP tool shows that the policy does apply. This is the part where "Point and Print Restrictions" are disabled.

However, the HP LaserJet 4200 is not installed. Instead, we have warning and error messages in the Event Viewer logs: EventIDs 600, 601 and 4098.


EventID 600
The print spooler failed to import the printer driver that was downloaded from \\SVR-004\print$\x64\PCC\ into the driver store for driver Microsoft enhanced Point and Print compatibility driver. Error code= 800f0247. This can occur if there is a problem with the driver or the digital signature of the driver.


EventID 601

The print spooler failed to download and import the printer driver from \\SVR-004 into the driver store for driver Microsoft enhanced Point and Print compatibility driver. Error code= 800f0247.


EventID 4098

The computer '' preference item in the 'GPP-PRINT {32F99E49-5138-4A32-9956-50E8FDA2E402}' Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x800703eb Cannot complete this function.' This error was suppressed.

 This is puzzling since the same drivers were just fine when we deployed the printers via Group Policy in a pervious blog post.

I'm going to look around and ask around...


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  2. We have used client side preferences to deploy all our printers.
    You have already created a TCPIP printer on the print server, so there is no need to do it again in CSP.
    The trick in Group policy using Client Side Preferences is to add a new shared printer, not a TCPIP printer.
    You can then point the policy to the UNC path on the print server.

  3. Did you ever figure out how to get this to work with GPP?

  4. I have setup a GPP within both Computer and User preferences. Basically I am trying to assign Printers based IP Range (OUs aren't great as the users move between Offices).

    I have created the GPP for correct Range
    Upon logging into a machine within the Item Level Targeting IP Range
    I can see that the Printer is listed, but looks like it's Offline (The printer is slightly greyed)
    I can Ping the printer without issue, I can map directly to the Printer and Print fine.
    I can remove the checkbox against SNMP, which shows the Printer back 'online', but still unable to Print.
    Point and Print restrictions has been disabled and not configured.
    Event viewer on client machine shows Group Policy error when logging in.
    "The user '' preference item in the 'Printer Redirection {1C4C7A4A-403D-4035-9690-E637561427D6}' Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x800703eb Cannot complete this function.' This error was suppressed." which is my only error.

    Drivers are installed and work fine when Printing previously to setting up the GPP.
    Seems like my ILT is working fine as the Printer is pushed out to correct subnet range, but just unusable.

    Printer share name has been \\PrintServer\Printername & \\PrintServer.domain.local\Printername.

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